Vittorio Fiorentino is a dreamer, an artist willing to radically change both his daily life and a deeply rooted tradition in order to fulfil his aspiration. 

Vittorio was born in 1942 in Torre del Greco (Naples). He is the sixth of seven siblings and takes an interest in the family business from an early age. To be able to lead the fourth generation of the company, he learns from his father Vincenzo the secrets of the art of coral – typical of his hometown. He masters every technique from the fishing to the manufacturing process.
He manages to do much more than this: in the early ‘70s, he decides to leave his family to head to the Far East (Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong). There he finds new raw material and inspiration. In between these travels, he settles in Viareggio, a charming town on the Tuscan coast. Here he opens his boutique called La Casa del Corallo (lit. The House of Coral) and finally shows the world his creations through luxurious and elegant windows.

Fiorentino still makes the news across the globe, preserving the bright creativity that characterises him and always presenting new astonishing masterpieces on the market.

Exhibitions and Awards

Vittorio Fiorentino has taken part in many national and international events since the very beginning of his career, attending the most important exhibitions and showing his collections on the most prominent catwalks in Versilia, Madrid, Taipei and Hong Kong.
In 1991 Fiorentino was invited to exhibit his masterpieces at the Oceanographic Museum of Monte Carlo (Monaco). The grand opening  of the exhibition was attended by His Highness Prince Ranieri.
The Rotary Club Viareggio Versilia recognized his talent and his art, and in 2004 bestowed him with the title of “Master of Coral Jewelry”.


Award ceremony rotary club


Madrid Fair, IberJoya